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My Account Section

  My Preferences

This the option where you can set your preferences, if you like to get automatic sysmen E-mails, select in which format they will be send and if you like to be seen in other Asian Dating sites(coming soon).

  •   Make your Profile Private. Decide if your Profile can be seen by everyone or make your profile private (only VIP's Members and Members with Photos can view your Profile).

  •   Alert E-mail. Click 'Yes' and you will be informed by E-mail when somebody sent you a Smile or a Message.

  •   Match E-mail. Click 'Yes' to receibe Profiles via E-mail which fit your Match Data. If you click 'No' no Match E-mail will be send to you.

  •   E-mail format. If you click HTML (Graphic colour mode. All E-mails are send to you conatining graphics and colour. If you click 'Plain Text' E-mails will be send in simple balck and white mode.

  •   Mail Language. Select the E-mail language in which they are send to you. You can select more than 1 language.
    (e.g. Spanish, English - the Message will be than in Spanish and English).
To go to 'Preferences' Click here.


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