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  My Membership

There are 2 basic Membership Types. (One is only promotional).

  •   Free Membership . You may add a Profile with Photos, send 'Smiles' to any member and you can answer/reply to emails send to you by V.I.P. Members.

  •   Promotional Membership . A membership between Free and VIP, given away for free with some Promotions.

  •   V.I.P. Membership . The Ulitmate Membership, all functions can be used. Contact every member, chat, see when members wher last on-line, see if your send message was read, everybody can reply to your mail, etc, etc,....


How to upgrade to V.I.P. Membership

Thats a great idea to upgrade to V.I.P. Membership.
You can use freely all system function, get in contact with everybody, see if your Message was read, etc... It doesn't matter what Membership the Person has you write to, because of your V.I.P. Membership Level everybody can answer your Message, even a member with standard Free Membership.

Please Note:
Payments are all handled by PayPal.

We are not storing any Credit Card information, etc... actually we are not even seeing them.
For Payments we directing you to the secure () PayPal Site.
We think this is the most secure and compfortable solution.
If you have an Paypal account you do not even need a Credit Card.

After you clicked to 'Purchase Step 2' a confirmation page will come up with the payment details, after that you are redirected to PayPal.

For more 'PayPal' information Click here.
For how to cancel a subscription Click here.

To go to 'My Membership' Click here.

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